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Automotive IVI Practice

As automotive original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) worldwide address their customers’ desire for media-rich in-vehicle infotainment (IVI) systems, many integration, cost, and time-to-market issues challenge the classic embedded development life cycle.

In order to preserve safety standards and integrate into telematics and other on-board systems while increasing options for multimedia infotainment, developers are increasingly turning to multi-core and virtualized processor and graphics architectures. Car manufacturers need software integrators who have stable, pre-integrated solutions that are ready for adaptation or customization. Wind River® provides OEMs, Tier 1 suppliers, and the software supply chain with a pre-integrated GENIVI-compliant platform, Wind River Platform for Infotainment.

Wind River Professional Services Automotive Practice provides unique software integration services for OEMs who want to achieve differentiation in the connected car of the future:

Planning and Architectural Services

Our architectural experts have deep knowledge of the latest multimedia and connectivity trends. We help our customers plan for successful programs.

Development and Integration Services

Known for our project management expertise and global development approach, we deliver on our development promises on time and on budget, offering the following services:

Long-Term Platform Management Services

Keeping new and legacy embedded platforms both up to date and cost effective requires the right technical skills and software management methods. We offer long-term platform management services to fit your needs, with preferred access to Yocto Project™ maintainers for Wind River.

Automotive Telematics Practice

The advancements in converging telecommunications and information processing in automotives have made driving safer and drivers more connected. Now with the advent of the "Internet of Things," where vehicles and devices communicate with each other directly, the role telematics plays in the future will no doubt be even more important. Our Automotive Telematics Practice practice provides our customers with planning, development, integration, testing, deployment, and management services to help you tackle the technical and development challenges related to telematics. Our expertise has helped our OEM, Tier 1, and telematics services customers achieve driver safety, optimized human-machine interface (HMI) usage, software and infrastructure security and connectivity, location-based services, mobile device synchronization, and data analytics.

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