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Wibu Systems AG

Wibu-Systems is one of the leading suppliers in the digital rights management (DRM) anti-piracy industry. Our business has grown at an annual rate of at least 20%. Even through periods of economic downturn, we have managed to maintain this growth by intensifying our R&D efforts and strategic partnerships.

The company is contributing to the Industry 4.0 revolution with top-notch solutions for the protection, integrity and access control of OEM source code.

With assets safeguarded from tampering and reverse engineering, companies can benefit form software monetization strategies and multiply their business models through diversified license schemes.

Wibu offers CodeMeter® the all-in-one solution for protection, licensing, and security.

Comprehensive VxWorks-based Cyber-Security Solution

Wibu now offers CodeMeter Security which is a complementary hardware-based add-on to the Security Profile for VxWorks® 7.