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EVOC Intelligent CO. LTD was established in 1993 and publicly listed in Hong Kong Stock Exchange in 2003. EVOC is engaged in research and development, manufacturing, sales, and service of embedded computer modules, embedded computer motherboards, industrial computers, and rugged computers as well as industrial control systems for various industries, such as industrial automation, intelligent transportation, communications, network security, intelligent energy, environmental protection, digital medical care, banking, kiosk, andcinstrumentation. According to China CCID market research report, EVOC has been being the top ranked company in China industrial PC market since 2007. EVOC is also the leading global vendor of embedded computer modules and systems.

On the basis of mutual confidence and benefit, EVOC and Wind River make full use of each other's advantages to help promote product research and development, as well as market development of embedded computer modules and systems.

EVOC is a top ranked company in China's Industrial PC market. EVOC has a good reputation of high quality and high customer satisfaction. Many EVOC product applications are real time and must be of high stability and high reliability. Wind River offers the industry's most comprehensive embedded software portfolio. So a partnership between EVOC and Wind River is natural and efficient. The cooperation of EVOC and Wind River is beneficial to our customers and promotes the product research and development, as well as the market growth.

This partnership is:

  • Beneficial to our common Customers
  • Encouraging the product development
  • Helping the market growth by shortening the products time to market

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Evoc Intelligent Technology Co., Ltd
EVOC Technology Building, No. 31 Gaoxin Central Avenue 4th, Nanshan District, Shenzen, Guangdong, China, 518057

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