Electric Cloud, Inc.

Wind River customers (who use tools such as Test Management, Workbench and Android solutions) can use Electric Cloud solutions to dramatically accelerate their product time to market with higher quality.

Electric Cloud's integration with Wind River's Test Management Suite for Android provides: built-in CTS testing with the automated ability to run any custom test suites, the ability to run tests on any platform (devices, emulator, or, both), while parallelizing test processes across multiple flavors at the same time.

Electric Cloud is a leading provider of software and systems lifecycle acceleration solutions that offers advanced parallelization, DevOps automation and a cloud-based development environment to accelerate the development, testing, and deployment of the most complex software developments.

Electric's Cloud's market leading technology provides a differentiating advantage to some of the world's largest mobile, embedded and networking businesses leverage Electric Cloud for faster time to market and better quality of their products.
Over 150 global customers have deployed Electric Cloud's unique parallelization, acceleration and automation capabilities to dramatically shorten product development lifecycles and drive efficient utilization of resources.

Electric Cloud's solutions are uniquely suited to enable Agile software development processes that are increasingly executed by developers from multiple departments, distributed around the globe, working simultaneously across physical, virtual, and cloud environments.

Systems vendors seeking greater differentiation are increasingly embedding intelligent software in their products (like Google Android, Wind River RTOS), from automobiles to home appliances. Electric Cloud's solutions that manage and accelerate rapid deployment of multiple mobile ecosystems imply that the company is poised to exploit this trend.

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Electric Cloud, Inc.
35 S. Market St., Suite 100, San Jose, CA, United States, 95113

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