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The LDRA Group of companies is based around LDRA Ltd. which, founded in 1975, is the world's longest established provider of automated software code analysis and testing tools.

LDRA is the market leader in providing automated software development and testing tools, as well as test solutions for a wide variety of market sectors.

LDRA's products and services are at the leading edge of software testing technology. LDRA provides a unique environment that helps teams accelerate testing embedded and real-time systems and deliver a safety critical and business critical software on time.
The key features of the LDRA tool suite are: Automatic Test cases Generation, Automatic Test Harness Generation, Automatic Test Stub Generation, Test Report Generation, Automatic regression Testing, Code Coverage measurement, Host/Target Execution, Programming Standards Checking, Data Flow Anomalies Analysis, Static Code Analysis and Complexity Metrics Analysis.

These solutions help embedded developers overcome the challenges of testing software in circumstances where computer software is required to be reliable, rugged and as error free as possible.