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Vector Software Inc.

Vector Software, Inc. is the leading independent provider of automated software testing tools for developers of safety-critical embedded applications.

Vector Software?s VectorCAST line of products, automate and manage the complex tasks associated with unit, integration, and system level testing.
The VectorCAST tools support the C, C++, and Ada programming languages. Automation Includes:
- Complete test-harness construction for unit and integration testing
- Test execution for GUI or scripts
- Code-coverage analysis
- Regression testing
- Automatic tests based on decision paths
- User-defined tests for requirements-based testing
- Test execution playback to assist in debugging
- Integration with Telelogic
- Rhapsody
- Modeling and DOORS®
- Requirements Tools

VectorCAST Integration with VxWorks

The VectorCAST integration with all VxWorks environments including VxWorks 653, supports both the C, C++ and Ada development languages. This integration enables test execution using both the vxSim VxWorks 653 simulation environment and on development and deployment boards, using any of the Wind River VxWorks 653 Board Support Packages.

When using VectorCAST with VxWorks 653, developers have the option of executing test cases in the both the core OS (kernel mode) or in any of the VxWorks 653 application partitions (user mode). Developers can quickly create test script environments for a wide range of testing demands, and automatically execute these test scripts as required by safety authorities. These test environments can support RTCA DO-178B / EUROCAE ED-12B Level B through D, and, with Vector Software?s Modified Condition / Decision Coverage (MC/DC) module, Level A.