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Parasoft Corporation

For 21 years, Parasoft Co. has investigated how and why software errors are introduced into applications.
Our solutions leverage this research to deliver quality as a continuous process throughout the SDLC.
This promotes strong code foundations, solid functional components, and robust business processes.

Parasoft Embedded, a division of Parasoft Corporation, develops and markets embedded development tools and solutions that leverage proven software verification methods to achieve greater productivity, shorter time to market, and significantly fewer software defects.

Parasoft Embedded, with its Quality Solution, helps developers to code smarter and test faster by capturing human intelligence and converting it into repeatable processes.

In March, 2010 Parasoft Embedded announced the release of new C++test - the breakthrough innovation tool for embedded market. C++test is the most comprehensive code quality tool that automates critical time-proven best practices ? such as static analysis, code review, memory analysis, unit and component testing with integrated coverage analysis - directly on developer?s desktop, to improve software development team productivity and software quality.

Company product: Parasoft C++test