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EC-Master EtherCAT Master Stack  (Acontis Technologies GmbH)
The EtherCAT Master Stack is designed and optimized to run on different embedded (real time) operating systems. Already existing implementations are available e.g. for VxWorks, On Time RTOS-32, Windows CE, QNX and Windows XP. Using the source code the EtherCAT master stack can easily be ported on other embedded operating systems.

Product Highlights

Ready-to-run for VxWorks, VxWorks SMP, Windows XP/CE, On Time RTOS-32, RTX and for the KUKA Windows real-time extensions. Modular design, individual adjustments are easy to implement. Together with our services you get professional partnership setting up your custom control system. On request you may get the complete system integration. Reliable and robust implementation. For example, the EtherCAT Master Stack is running in the KUKA Robot Control and in the Lenze control systems.

Product Description

Configuration: Support of the standard XML based EtherCAT Network Interface Format (ENI)

Cyclic process data update: Flexible user controlled master operation, Memory provider interface for user application synchronization

Error detection and diagnosis: Check working counter, slave operation monitoring, lost cable connection or missing EtherCAT slave response, wrong EtherCAT slave reaction (not all slaves responded), Ethernet link layer debug messages for run-time error diagnostics

CanOpen over EtherCAT: SDO Upload, SDO Download, SDO Information Service, Emergency Request

Ethernet over EtherCAT (EoE): Virtual Switch

Distributed Clocks: SYNC unit support: Slave Synchronization, Latch unit support

EtherCAT Bus Scan: Slave detection without existing bus configuration, Slave XML configuration information service, Topology detection

Slave to Slave Communication via Master

Slave Alias Addressing support

Available Feature Packs (optional):

- Redundancy Support

- Hot Connect

- File Access over EtherCAT (FoE)

- Ethernet over EtherCAT (EoE): master endpoint interface

- Control of multiple, independent EtherCAT Busses

- Distributed Clocks: Synchronization of the EtherCAT master with the DC slaves (DCM)

- Master Object Dictionary. Access using CoE SDO services

- Remote API over TCP/IP network connection

- VLAN support

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