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Model 4207  (Pentek Inc)
The Pentek Model 4207 PowerPC(TM) VME/VXS I/O Processor board targets embedded applications that require high performance I/O and processing. With two PMC/XMC module sites, the 4207 offers powerful one-slot solutions with nearly unlimited high-speed connectivity.

Product Highlights

*Freescale MPC8641 single or dual core PowerPC processor to 1.5 GHz *Xilinx Virtex-4 FX Series FPGA *Hosts two PMC or XMC modules *On-board dual gigabit Ethernet interfaces *Optional on-board 4-Gbit dual optical Fibre Channel controller *Optional dual optical gigabit serial / Fibre Channel interface * Up to 3 GB DDR2 SDRAM *Two 64-bit PCI-X buses *VME64x master/slave interface *Optional VXS interface *Ruggedized and conductioncooled versions

Product Description

Uniquely Designed for Connectivity

The 4207 supports numerous interfaces

including VME64x, Gigabit Ethernet, RS-

232 and dual 4 Gbit Fibre Channel. A unique

crossbar switch architecture connects the

XMC module sites, optical and VXS connectors,

fibre channel interface, FPGA, and

processor to high-speed gigabit serial data

paths. All interfaces can be included without

exceeding one VMEbus slot. Some processing-

intensive applications may require two

slots for optimized convection cooling.

Zero Latency Crossbar Switch

The 4207 features a zero-latency fabric-transparent

crossbar switch that bridges

various board interfaces and resources via

gigabit serial data paths. Programmable

signal input equalization and output preemphasis

settings enable optimization for

each application.

Gigabit serial paths include links to the

processor that can be used for 4X Serial

RapidIO. Other gigabit paths are not

restricted to any protocol, and include two

4X links to each XMC module site, two 4X

links (or four 2X links) to the FPGA

RocketIO ports, and another pair of 4X

links to the optional P0-VXS connector.

The switch also provides high-speed connectivity

to the optional Fibre Channel

controller and front panel optical gigabit

serial interface.

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