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Model 5x41-430  (Pentek Inc)
Model 5341-420 is a software radio transceiver suitable for connection to HF or IF ports of a communications system. It features two A/D and two D/A converters with built-in support for PCI Express (PCIe) Gen. 2 over the 3U VPX backplane. A unique fabric-transparent crossbar switch bridges numerous interfaces and components on the board with no latency. Also available as the Model 7841-430 x8 PCIe version.

Product Highlights

*Complete software radio interface solution *3U VPX form factor * GateFlow Core 430 with 256 channels of narrowband digital downconverters factoryinstalled *256 programmable NCOs with 32-bit frequency tuning resolution *Programmable decimation settings from 1024 to 9984 in steps of 256 *LVDS clock/sync bus for multiboard synchronization

Product Description

Core 430: 256-Channel DDC Bank

Unlike legacy channelizer methods, the

Pentek 430 core allows for independent programmable

tuning of each channel with 32-bit

resolution. Filter characteristics are comparable

to many conventional ASIC DDCs.

Added flexibility comes from programmable

global decimation settings ranging

from 1024 to 9984 in steps of 256, and 18-bit

user programmable FIR decimating filtercoefficients for the DDCs. Default DDC

filter coefficient sets are included with the

core for all possible decimation settings.

Core 430 utilizes a unique method of

channelization. It differs from others in that

the channel center frequencies need not be

at fixed intervals, and are independently

programmable to any value.

Flexible Architecture

Core 430 DDC comes factory-installed

in this Model. A multiplexer in front of the

core allows data to be sourced from either

A/D converter, A or B. At the output, a

multiplexer allows for routing either the

output of the GC4016 or the Core 430 DDC

to the PCI Bus.

In addition to the DDC outputs, data from

both A/D channels are presented to the PCI

Bus at a rate equal to the A/D clock rate

divided by any interger value between 1 and

4096. A Texas Instruments DAC5686 digital

upconverter and dual D/A accepts baseband

real or complex data streams from the PCI Bus

with signal bandwidths up to 50 MHz. The

analog outputs are transformer-coupled to

front panel MMCX connectors.

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