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FlashFX® Pro  (Datalight Inc)
Multi-threaded flash media manager

Product Highlights

The Flash Media Manager for Rapid Development of Reliable Products

Developers have many choices to make at the beginning of a project. A critical one is whether to use the media management tools offered by the flash manufacturer, or whether to move to a solution that can deliver more flexibility, better reliability and higher performance. Datalight's FlashFX® Pro is a flash media manager that delivers both. FlashFX Pro is a high-performance, multi-threaded flash media manager targeted at applications requiring real-time response from resident flash memory. Many devices--such as cameras, set-top boxes or handheld medical devices--support streaming video or audio applications and information must be read from non-volatile storage without delays. Because of its multi-threaded design, FlashFX Pro is able to offer low read latency for these multimedia applications. Engineers use FlashFX Pro because of High Reliability Fast Time to Market FIM (Flash Interface Module) List Unrivaled FlexibilityHigh Reliability
FlashFX Pro provides fault tolerant data integrity by never overwriting currently stored data and by keeping data intact at the block device driver level. It offers rigorous bad block management for NAND flash. Additionally, FlashFX Pro keeps explicit track of the erase counts, resulting in longer flash life and lower warranty costs. Fast Time to Market FlashFX Pro ships out of the box with combined support for over 100 different flash parts. Datalight supports parts from AMD, Fujitsu, Intel, NEC, SanDisk, Samsung, Spansion, ST Microelectronics, and Toshiba. FlashFX Pros offer Flash Interface Modules (FIMs)the software interface to the flash hardwarein source code, making the job of designing parts that may not be supported out of the box quick and easy. Unrivaled Flexibility Because FlashFX Pro is offered in source, it is easy to modify for custom applications such as supporting NAND controller hardware or creating embedded image creation utilities. Additionally, compilation options enable OEMs to easily switch flash parts during production when part shortages occur.

Product Description

How FlashFX® Pro Works

FlashFX Pro allows an operating system or application to use flash memory as if it were a small-sector read/write disk similar to a PC floppy or hard disk drive. It provides a generic block device driver interface that can be used with virtually any file system. FlashFX Pro does not include a file system of its own.

Once loaded into the target system, FlashFX Pro is typically referred to as a "flash disk" because it makes the flash array appear as normal disk storage to the operating system and applications. Because a Resident Flash Array (RFA) is usually soldered into the target system and is non-removable, the flash disk appears to the operating system as a hard disk.

FlashFX Pro Supports Multithreaded Operations

Read operations may interrupt both write and erase operations. This is particularly true for multimedia applications, such as streaming video, because writes and erases (in particular) may take a substantial amount of time on most flash parts. This adversely affects streaming video applications that must deliver a minimal frame-rate for acceptable performance.

FlashFX Pro allows one write/erase operation to be executed at any given time, and any number of read operations. FlashFX Pro does not make any assumptions regarding the relative priority of the various threads that may be executing within it. It is the responsibility of the application and operating system to prioritize the threads as desired, and to provide any relevant protections against priority inversion.

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