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RDM Embedded  (Raima Inc)
RDM Embedded is based on the very efficient and comprehensive Network data model. Pre-dating the relational model, the network model is proven to have the best performance when relating data. RDM Embedded also supports the relational data model for more traditional data representation. These two models can be combined in RDM Embedded providing the best of both worlds - Raima's databases are the only databases that offer this capability. With support for high level interface like SQL and XML the flexibility is unbeaten.

Product Highlights

Active-Passive Replication, VLDB (Very Large Database) Support, Native BLOB (Binary Large Object) Support, MicroHTTP Server, Dual Database, Model Support, Comprehensive Data Modeling, Multi-User Support, Data Integrity, Pure and Hybrid In-Memory Operation, True VARCHAR Support, Circular Tables, Sparse Indexing, Native API, SQL API, JAVA API, XML API

Product Description

A highly optimized COTS database engine, with support for both disk based and in-memory tables, is designed to meet today's complex interconnected devices and applications. Supporting extremely high transactions rates, this embedded database engine pioneered the embedded database space in 1984 and has over time added complex functionality like data replication, data mirroring, and other fault tolerant functions to support today's carrier grade applications.

With a high level data definition language, native support for C arrays and structures, multi-user access, fully ACID transaction compliant database core this engine has earned it's place as one of the embedded database market leaders. Please read how our embedded database customers like HP, Lucent, Intermec, Boeing, Johnson and Johnson and 3Com all entrust their business critical data management to this proven technology.

With support for Wind River's VxWorks and Linux operating systems RDM Embedded has been thoroughly tested and proven in everything from data centers to roughed embedded environments. With a well defined upgrade path to RDM Server, a high performance embedded client/server database, the Raima Database Manager family of will cover your companies complete embedded database needs.

Please follow the link for a free RDM Embedded development kit All of the Raima Database ManagersTM made available both in object and source code format.

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