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VectorCAST for DO-178B  (Vector Software)
DO178B Qualification Packages

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What is VectorCAST for DO-178B?

The FAA Advisory Circular AC20-115B has established RTCA document DO-178B as the accepted means of certifying all new aviation software. DO-178B defines the guidelines for development of aviation software in the USA, and has been adopted by military and aviation projects world-wide. DO-178B prescribes a process to be followed in the development of airborne systems. One of the key requirements of DO-178B, is achieving structural code coverage in conjunction with the testing the high-level and low-level software requirements. Based on a system safety assessment, failure condition categories are established. These failure condition categories determine the level of software integrity necessary for safe avionics operation. DO-178B classifies software into five levels of criticality, based on whether atypical software behavior could cause, or contribute to, the failure of a system function. The table below shows the relationship between the failure condition category and the structural coverage objective as defined by DO-178B.

VectorCAST Tool Qualification Deliverable Process

DO-178B specifies that qualification of a software tool is necessary when processes prescribed by the document, are eliminated, reduced, or automated by the use of a tool, without its output being manually verified. Because VectorCAST automates the process of validating low-level requirements, and the process of recording and reporting on structural code coverage, it must be qualified, when used as part of a DO-178B certification. Vector Software has developed an off-the-shelf qualification package, that has been used on more than 40 DO-178B certification projects.

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