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LDRA Testbed - Static Code Analysis  (LDRA Ltd)
Observation and Analysis tool: Code Review, Design Review and Quality Review

Product Highlights

  1. Code Review and Programming Standard Checking: Empowers developers to create high quality software and reduce development costs by catching potential problems early in the development process. The tool prevents unacceptable code from entering the product, maintains design integrity and policies, and automatically detects coding rules violations against a super set of supplied rules including the MISRA C / MISRA-C:2004 standards.
  2. Code Review and Data Flow Analysis for Error Detection: A deep control flow analysis keeps track of all variables and parameters, and determines errors related to the improper usage of variables, such as referencing variables without being defined, defining variables several times without being referenced, division by error, array bound errors, variables declared but never used.
  3. Quality Review and Complexity Metrics Analysis: A complete list of quality metrics is available to determine the maintainability, clarity and testability of your software.  This identifies modules requiring the most attention.
  4. Design Review and Behaviour Analysis: Code visualisation provides a better understanding of what is happening in your application. A snapshot image of your applications architecture is provided to support your off-shoring, or re-factoring process of your legacy code; all interactions between modules are shown graphically.
  5. Design Review: Automatic identification of unstructured code, unreachable code, infeasible code and dead code.
  6. Design Review and Interface Analysis: Interface and Global variables analysis to facilitate the mapping with your Requirement Traceability Management tool.

Product Description

What is LDRA Testbed?

LDRA Testbed is a unique quality control tool that provides powerful source code testing and analysis facilities for the validation and verification of software applications. It is invaluable where computer software is required to be reliable, rugged and as error free as possible and its use brings substantial time, cost and efficiency savings. It is a powerful and fully integrated tool suite, which enables advanced software analysis techniques to be applied at key stages of the development lifecycle.

LDRA Testbed provides powerful analysis facilities which may be applied in the two main testing domains of Static Analysis and Dynamic Analysis.

Static Analysis analyses the code and provides an understanding of the code structure.

Dynamic Analysis involves execution with test data, through an instrumented version of the source code, to pin point defects at run time.

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