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Data Connection Portable DC-SIP  (72)
Portable SIP Protocol stack and toolkit

Product Highlights

• Full RFC 3261 - UA, Proxy, Registrar, Redirect Server and B2BUA
• MIB configuration for easy integration with SNMP, TL1, CLI, CMIP
• Session timer, NAT traversal, sips: and tel: uri extensions
• INFO, UPDATE and Reliable Provisional Responses (RFC 3262) for SIP-T
• Locating SIP Servers (RFC 3263) and SIP Events (RFC 3265)
• MESSAGE (RFC 3428) for Instant Messaging
• All active calls maintained during hardware and software failures
• Distribution of function for redundancy and massive scalability
• Scalable design with no hard-coded limits
• Sophisticated debug and diagnostics facilities

Product Description

DC-SIP from Data Connection provides a complete source code toolkit for SIP devices, offering a highly scaled, distributed and fault-tolerant implementation for the most demanding applications, including universal messaging systems, media servers, gateways, Softswitches, and border controllers.

DC-SIP comes with a complete toolkit including sample code, call simulator, customization tool, and diagnostics for quicker time to market and reduced engineering cost.

DC-SIP fully supports SIP (RFC 3261) and extensions for Telephony (SIP-T), Presence and Messaging, and is readily customized to support other SIP extensions. It is fully MIB manageable and distributable across different hardware configurations. In addition, it is fault-tolerant and provides full call-state replication to enable failover to a backup without loss of stable calls.

DC-SIP is part of Data Connection's suite of MPLS, IP Routing, VPN and VoIP protocol software, and shares its successful high availability and portability infrastructure.

Data Connection has supplied the world's leading companies with protocol software for over 20 years. Its customers value the unrivalled quality of the software and support it provides.

 Rigorous development procedures include unit test scripts that check the full codebase, including error handling.

 The support team is staffed by the engineers who developed the products, so customers talk directly to experts.

 The burden of long-term software maintenance is carried by Data Connection. All code levels are supported indefinitely and fixes are supplied pre-integrated with the customer's code base.

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