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Data Connection Portable DC-MPLS Software  (72)
Portable MPLS protocol stacks for Packet and Optical MPLS

Product Highlights

• RSVP-TE and LDP Support
• Optical - Full GMPLS (Generalised MPLS), OIF UNI, NNI and LMP
• No hard-coded limits and support for hundreds of thousands of LSPs
• Distribution of function between cards for scalability and redundancy
• Fault-tolerance enables uninterrupted LSPs across failure and upgrade
• Pre-integrated solutions for optical routers and BGP/MPLS VPNs
• MIB configuration for easy integration with SNMP, TL1, CLI, CMIP
• Supports VPNs, DiffServ, Martini, VPLS and private objects
• Graceful restart, RSVP bypass and detour fast reroute, LSP Pinning
• Protection switching, RSVP Refresh Reduction, Unnumbered interfaces

Product Description

DC-MPLS from Data Connection provides a complete source code solution for MPLS devices. It is widely used by major equipment manufacturers, offering a highly scaleable, distributed and fault-tolerant implementation.

Data Connection has led the development of optical and packet control plane software; it provided the world's first GMPLS software in 2000, followed by the first portable implementation of OIF UNI and LMP in 2001, and continues to be the leader in optical control plane software.

DC-MPLS is part of Data Connection's suite of MPLS, IP Routing, VPN and VoIP protocol software, and it integrates with these products, and third party components, to provide a complete control plane for packet and optical network devices.

DC-MPLS is supplied integrated with VxWorks and Linux, and its rich feature set and highly portable code minimize the engineering effort required to incorporate it into any device.

Data Connection has supplied the world's leading companies with protocol software for over 20 years. Its customers value the unrivalled quality of the software and support it provides.

 Rigorous development procedures include unit test scripts that check the full codebase, including error handling.

 The support team is staffed by the engineers who developed the products, so customers talk directly to experts.

 The burden of long-term software maintenance is carried by Data Connection. All code levels are supported indefinitely and fixes are supplied pre-integrated with the customers code base.

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