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CTIG4VEB  (Cornet Technology Inc)
Dual/Quad G4 VME Extended Bridge Extended Board Computer

Product Highlights

CTIG4VEB is the extended bridge version of CTIG4V which provides bridged inter processor communication feature. Cornet Technology designed CTIG4VEB for achieving extremely high speed, low latency processing capability for units running very high performance demanding applications. CTIG4VEB is ideally suited for imaging, telemetry, bio-informatics, military and aerospace applications.

Product Description

CTIG4VEB provides users access the full capabilities of Power- PC G4 architecture. AltiVec vector processing engine of G4 enables execution of Signal processing functions and fast processing of real time data. The multiprocessor architecture in CTIG4VEB combines the power of four G4s to provide more than 14.4 Gflops performance. CTIG4VEB features an extended bridge architecture wherein processor to processor transaction takes place through high speed PCI bus provided via a PCI bridge. Each processor has its own set of memory banks and cache for efficient computation. High speed onboard memory provides sufficient bandwidth to the

G4s AltiVec engine. Flexible memory options and a variety of onboard controllers provide various options suited to user application. Marvells Discovery chip acts as the bridge between the processors and on board peripherals. Two PMC expansion slots are available in CTIG4VEB for user IO access and network communication.

10/100 Base-T Ethernet PHY provides Ethernet link to the board. Board debugging facility is provided through JTAG interface.

Built in self test (BIST) checks the functionality of the board hardware upon power up to ensure the proper functioning of the board. LEDs placed in the front panel give visual indication to the user. Software support is provided for VxWorks® Operating System.


 Ultra compact single slot 6U form factor VME Board

 Multiprocessor architecture  Dual/ Quad PowerPC G4 MPC7410 processors

 AltiVec engine  Vector processing capability for DSP like applications

 High speed memory  2MB L2 cache per processor and up to 512MB DDR SDRAM

 Flash  32MB extended flash

 VME  64bit VME bus ANSI/ VITA-1 1994 compliant

 PMC  Two 64bit PMC sites

 Ethernet  10/100 Base T

 Serial  Four serial ports

 JTAG  Board JTAG interface for debugging

 Software support  VxWorks BSP libraries for hardware initialization and access

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