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SIP Toolkit  (Radvision Ltd)
SIP communication protocol implementation

Product Highlights

The award-winning SIP Toolkit is a powerful and highly versatile set of stack tools designed to dramatically reduce development efforts of SIP applications. It includes all the components developers require including a large set of quick start sample applications that demonstrate efficient API usage, a GUI test application and detailed documentation. The SIP Toolkit is an IETF and 3GPP .standards compliant, high performance SIP implementation and provides multiple API layers for full user control and flexibility.

Product Description

The SIP Toolkit provides all necessary SIP, SDP and RTP services, such as encoding, sending, parsing and receiving SIP messages over UDP, TCP and TLS, managing SIP calls and transactions, and providing reliability. The SIP Toolkit complies with the latest IETF and 3GPP standards, providing the best solution for IMS developers.

Coded in ANSI C and cross-platform compatible, the SIP Toolkit is available for all common operating systems. The Toolkit features an open, object-oriented architecture, which makes it programmer-friendly and highly flexible. It provides multiple layers of APIs including:

* High-level APIs that hide the complexity of the protocol and enable rapid development of applications.

* Mid- and low-level APIs that expose the internals of the protocol and allow for more power and customization based on application requirements.

SIP Protocol Toolkit Highlights:

*Internally Multi-Threaded



*Persistent Connection

*Digest Authentication Support

*MESSAGE Support

*UPDATE Support

*REFER (Transfer) Extension Support

*High Availability (HA) Support

*SIP-T (Interworking with ISUP/QSIG) Support

*Multi-Part MIME Bodies Support

*PRACK (RFC 3262 - Reliable Provisional Responses)

*Extension Support (Manual and Automatic operation)

*183 response

*Server-Features (Require-Supported) Mechanism

*INFO Extension Support

*Multi-Homed Hosts

*IPv6 Support*

*Loose Routing

*Advanced DNS Queries (Locating SIP Servers using SRV and NAPTR for outgoing requests* )


*Session Timer

*Enhanced Parser

*General URL Scheme Support (e.g.- TEL, IM)


*In-Band DTMF

*Merging disabling

*Transmitter object

*IP Address Black/White list enabled

*Dynamic local address setting

*IP TOS setting

*A-Synchronous DNS and dynamic NDS server setting

*Dynamic Via header control

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