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VAPS XT  (Presagis)
Human-Machine Interface Development Tool for Safety-Critical, Embedded Applications

Product Highlights

- Define object appearance and logic using a single tool. - Suitable for both programmers and non-programmers. - Turn designs into specification documents using the DOC nGEN tool. - Generate stand-alone executables of your designs that run on any PC and share them with colleagues, customers, or management. - Use record and playback to record user interactions with a display or to create stand alone animated presentations. - VAPS XT can be ported to and highly optimized for virtually any embedded target, including custom platforms, making it the complete solution for all embedded computing needs. - Supports OpenGL, OpenGL ES, and OpenGL SC. - ARINC 661 widget creation, with many commonly used widgets provided out of the box. - DO-178B qualifiable using the VAPS XT-178 product.

Product Description

VAPS XT is a full-featured and advanced software tool for the rapid development of dynamic, interactive graphics for avionics displays. With its user-extensible core architecture and integrated logic capabilities, VAPS XT provides the ideal mix of features for the design and deployment of advanced cockpit displays. VAPS XT allows developers to design and create highly optimized and visually sophisticated avionics graphics for deployment to actual aircraft through its support for advanced graphical features, including transparencies, gradients, texture-mapping, and smooth shading.

VAPS XT is built on years of industry expertise and has been developed through close consultation with top avionics manufacturers. Used worldwide to rapidly develop dynamic, interactive, real-time human-machine interfaces for next generation aircraft, VAPS XT is the only embedded graphics tool that allows users to define both object appearance and display logic in one easy interface. Working jointly and using the automatic code generator, developers and human factors experts can define the look and feel of an object or group of objects, assign behavior, and subsequently generate a stand-alone executable of their applications. Through a flexible porting layer approach, VAPS XT applications can then be easily deployed to virtually any embedded target with excellent performance. VAPS XT applications may be deployed to all versions of Wind River VxWorks real-time operating systems, including VxWorks 653.

VAPS XT also allows users to automatically generate design documents for a display, including thousands of objects and pages, in just a few minutes by using the Doc nGEN automatic document generator in conjunction with the editor. The software provides all of the tools and features necessary to streamline the entire avionics graphics development workflow, from initial design requirements to prototyping and simulation, testing, documentation, and final certification. As a result, users save time and money on development because VAPS XT allows them to produce display graphics faster and more reliably.

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