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The Evolution of Linux

Wind River® believes the world is changing too fast to lock our customers into proprietary technologies, so we've built expertly integrated embedded solutions based on open standards to optimize returns on open source investments.

We don't just embrace open standards—we're taking the lead in establishing them. Wind River is a founding member of the Linux Foundation's Yocto Project™, and we back our commitment to supporting open standards within our solutions portfolio with deep involvement and extensive contributions to the Yocto Project's evolution.


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What Is the Yocto Project?

What Is the Yocto Project?

The Yocto Project is an open source collaboration that provides standardized high-quality infrastructure, tools, and methodology to help decrease the complexity and increase the portability of Linux implementations. This open standard environment helps developers more easily create and maintain their own custom Linux distributions that can run across multiple hardware architectures and support different market segments.

Key Benefits for Developers

Key Benefits for Developers

The Yocto Project provides a single focus for embedded development, requiring less time to get a working and up-to-date distribution together and allowing developers to avoid starting over for every new project requiring updated components, whether for bug fixes, security fixes, or new hardware support. By providing a common build system and core technologies, the Yocto Project is helping a market that has long been plagued by expensive and time-consuming fragmentation.

Software and hardware vendors who support the Yocto Project environment help their Linux customers realize cross-platform compatibility and component interoperability—and that enables higher reusability and reduces the risk and cost of change.

Wind River Benefits

Wind River Benefits

Built on the foundation of the Yocto Project, Wind River Linux is the market-leading commercial-grade embedded Linux platform, delivering production quality and usability, dependable certified support practices, best-in-class long-term maintenance, and a rich ecosystem. Thanks to the Yocto Project, Wind River Linux goes beyond the barriers of interoperability and lowers the total cost of ownership for Linux platforms.

Wind River Contributions

Wind River Contributions

Since the Yocto Project's inception in 2010, Wind River has been a Yocto Project Advisory Board Gold member, contributing key technology to the project and collectively investing more than 96 months over the past two years. Members of the Wind River Linux product engineering team hold four of the eight maintainer and technical lead positions in the Yocto Project, and we actively contribute fixes and enhancements back into the project while building Yocto Project support into the next generation of the Wind River Linux product portfolio.

The Yocto Project Ecosystem

The Yocto Project Ecosystem

The Yocto Project is an open source project, and it is led by maintainers, developers, and contributors around the world.

With the ambitious goal of absorbing fragmentation in the embedded Linux industry, coordination among industry leaders as well as continued active technical participation is crucial to the Yocto Project's success. Wind River is a Yocto Project Advisory Board Gold member, along with industry leaders such as IntelĀ® and Texas Instruments. The Yocto Project Advisory Board's range of responsibilities includes creating and dissolving working groups to support the fulfillment of the project objectives, appointing sub-system maintainers and technical leaders, and defining policies and procedures.


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