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Wind River Quick-Tip Videos

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We are pleased to provide you these quick-tip videos in MP4 format showing examples of information about our published courses. Our courseware goes well beyond what you will see in these videos, adding hands-on exercises, real-world examples to reinforce topics, and live interaction with an instructor, to ensure that you understand the material and that your questions are answered. Since MP4 is an industry standard, you can view these videos in a number of different ways. We recommend using the Apple QuickTime® player that is available with iTunes®.

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If you have an Apple iPod® product, adding these videos to your iTunes® library is very easy to do. We suggest that you create a new folder on your host computer and download the videos from the links on this page and store these videos in the new folder. From within iTunes®, simply select File -> Add File to Library… or File -> Add Folder to Library… to import the videos to your personal library and then “sync” to your iPod®. The online help in iTunes® can also provide you with these directions if you select Help -> iTunes Help and enter “importing” as a keyword for search. When the synchronization process has completed, you will be able to view your new quick-tip videos on your iPod®.

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Video Topic Description
Projects at External Locations Discusses how to use Wind River Workbench to manage projects and source files using your unique file system organization versus including them by default in the workspace
Recovering from Yesterday's Mistakes Outlines the “history” functionality built into Workbench and methods for “undoing” modifications to your source build either in whole or individually if your new executable didn’t do what you expected
vxSim Networking Shows you how to set up the VxWorks Simulator so that you can send Ethernet traffic between individual instances of the simulator or to other devices accessible via Ethernet using  the wrTap host connection driver
Using wvEvent() Covers the usage of the VxWorks wvEvent() function to programmatically capture useful information in System Viewer logs to analyze the behavior of your software
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