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Wind River Unleashing Android on the Embedded Device Market

Best of Both Worlds: Carrier Grade Linux Gets Embedded with Intel Server Boards

Wind River and Intel have teamed up to deliver an integrated, embedded development kit for high-performance carrier-grade solutions for next-generation servers, data centers, and storage and communication systems. This unique combination of industry-leading hardware and carrier-grade software gives customers maximum flexibility to build competitive network products that are smarter, faster, and more secure.

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Key Benefits

  • Performance: Fast-path, high-performance network and communications applications
  • Consolidation: One development platform for multiple applications
  • Time-to-market: Quick-start application development
  • Low risk: Pre-integrated hardware and software

Key Features

  • Pre-integrated carrier-grade solution
  • Flexibility and scalability to enable a common platform across product families
  • Validation by industry leaders Intel and Wind River
  • Fully supported development environment

What's Included

  • Intel Xeon S2600GZ server board (E5-2600 Xeon family)
  • 30-day evaluation of software
  • Wind River Linux, carrier-grade profile
  • Integrated Intel Data Plane Development Kit libraries
  • Wind River Workbench with Performance Studio enhancements
  • Wind River Test Management agent

About Wind River Linux

  • Linux kernel 2.6.34
  • Carrier Grade Linux 5.0 specification
  • Updated and integrated security patches
  • Integrated, tested, and validated with Intel Xeon processors
  • Fully maintained and supported



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Order Intel Data Plane Development Kit for High-Performance
Network Applications

Fill out the request form with your contact information. An embedded systems professional will contact you within 48 hours to discuss pricing and delivery options. Once you receive your kit, follow the step-by-step instructions in the included Getting Started guide to start your application development within minutes of opening the box.

  Intel S2600GZ Embedded Development Kit for CGL & DPDK

SBC Form Factor
Intel Xeon E5-26xx
419mm x 419mm
Trial Software
Wind River Linux, CGL, Intel DPDK
Power Class
45W & higher

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