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Conquer Your Complexities, Master Your Data

Wind River® provides both embedded technology leadership and veteran industry experience to help manufacturers, energy companies, and other industrial organizations design, build, and maintain their critical monitoring and control systems.


Wind River provides products, services, and insights to address the most pressing needs of industrial companies. Our device experience and deep technical expertise across a breadth of sectors guides us in creating the industry's leading embedded software technologies.


From smart grids to smart homes, we are your partner for improving the connectivity, manageability, and security of your energy systems. We can help you on the path to more efficient, less costly, and safer energy production and delivery.


Our focus is on helping ensure the safety and reliability of public transportation systems. We advise and guide development of intelligent embedded devices that help transportation systems run smoothly and ensure their passengers' safety.


The rapid evolution of machine-to-machine (M2M) control technologies is creating new opportunities for manufacturers. With our unparalleled field experience, we can help you best take advantage of virtualization, sensor networks, and real-time operating systems.

Control and Process Automation

In an industry where safety and security are paramount, we ensure your embedded systems are rock-solid reliable. Our software experts can help you confidently meet both the functional and the regulatory requirements for your devices and systems.

National Infrastructure

We have decades of experience building critical governmental and national networks. We understand how such networks need to meet critical regulatory standards, demanding data processing challenges, and robust security requirements.


  • Group NIRE

    Wind River helped this energy testing and development facility revolutionize their practices by implementing Intel® IoT Gateway, Wind River Edge Management System, and SeeControl™ to get actionable analyses and make decisions in real time.



    Siemens chose VxWorks ® to power its high-performance industrial PCs.



    Wind River and Intel® partnered with RocKontrol Industry to develop a secure data collection gateway for China's National Energy Monitoring Project.



    Wind River partnered with this leading transportation technology company to create a modular, standards-compliant train protection system that met stringent SIL4 safety certification requirements.


    Bachmann Electronic

    Wind River helped the leading supplier of wind power technologies build a state-of-the-art controller system, meeting challenges including complex system requirements, stringent quality goals, and short development time.



    Wind River helped this leading robotics manufacturer for the automotive industry harness multi-core processor technology to reduce development risks, lower costs, and migrate advanced features from hardware to software systems.


"With VxWorks and help from Wind River, we don’t have to develop or maintain our own operating system. As a result, we can roll out our products much more quickly. In fact, we released our latest product four months ahead of schedule."

Anton Sauter
Product Manager SIMATIC IPC
Siemens Industrial PC Group


Wind River offers 30 years of global experience deploying embedded systems for industrial environments. We can help you successfully adopt any of the latest intelligent, connected device technologies to create new digital systems for running your operations.


Bring radical efficiencies to how you manage your networks and data.

Consolidate networking functions and localize your processing power. Create a less complex and costly embedded system by tapping our portfolio of virtualization technologies.


Help your embedded devices deftly juggle more tasks.

Meet new safety standards, quickly add new features and functionality, and consolidate sytems to reduce footprints and lower costs.


Create reliable, high-performance systems to manage your operation.

Meet stringent requirements for system certification and speed your development time with our diverse portfolio of standards-based and best-in-class technologies.


Control the spiraling costs and complexities of meeting crucial safety mandates.

Reduce risks and certify more easily without sacrificing product quality or slowing development cycles. Take control of software development with our advanced tools and help from our industry-leading expertise.


Protect your infrastructure and peace of mind with embedded security.

Avoid the architectural challenges and costs of physically separating your real-time components from your communications networks. Harness our approach to holistic security design for embedded systems.