Optimized for Multi-core

Wind River® ICE 2 is designed specifically for embedded multi-core debugging. Put it in your arsenal and enter your next multi-core project with confidence.

View your system the way you want: With ICE 2, you get visibility into the entire system in the context that you find most valuable. Step back and view the system holistically from one window, or drill deep down into a locked core and learn the cause of a failure. ICE 2 is the only JTAG debugger with this level of flexibility.

Stay focused on what matters: ICE 2 choreographs the complexity of your multi-core system so you can focus on what matters: fixing bugs. ICE 2 tracks software moving between cores as well as stack frames and program counters. And it synchronizes breakpoints across cores so you can simultaneously stop them all.

Negligible breakpoint skid: What good is a breakpoint that skids past the issue? Unlike other debuggers, ICE 2 freezes your system where you ask it to, so you get an accurate snapshot of your system at a precise moment in time.

Utilize partition-aware debugging: In safety critical environments such as avionics where applications are partitioned to run on the same hardware, you still need the flexibility to debug the software running on each partition without altering the code with an agent. With ICE 2, you'll debug your entire partitioned system without the presence of an agent.

Manage complexity in symmetric multiprocessing mode: ICE 2 tracks which core each of the processors in your application is running on so you can break on a specific processor or core and pinpoint exactly what's happening. ICE 2 is also aware of what's in cache and what's not. As you start, stop, and restart your system, ICE 2 cleans up your cache so your system stays cohesive.

Debug virtualized environments: ICE 2 detects how Wind River Hypervisor is mapping virtual boards into memory and what is running on a given core at a specific moment in time. With ICE 2 you'll confidently set breakpoints on the functions you need to look at, knowing that Hypervisor and ICE 2 are coordinating the complexity behind the scenes.


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