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Wind River SBC7447_57

The Wind River® SBC7447_57 development board featuring Freescale's MPC74x7 processor family is a feature-rich development platform for the following personas:

Hardware engineers focused on developing boards for their own specific applications: The SBC7447_57 development board comes complete with detailed schematics, bill of materials, and user documentation. Let our wealth of experience with Freescale processors enable you to minimize the risk in your hardware design. By leveraging our proven solution, you can be assured that your basic design will come together quickly, enabling you to focus on the specific features that differentiate your product in the market.

Firmware engineers focused on optimizing drivers, board support package (BSP) development, and OS bring-up: The SBC7447_57 development board provides a full-featured development platform for you to begin working on your BSPs and optimizing your drivers/firmware, prior to your own hardware being available. Also, once your hardware is available, the SBC7447_57 development board will continue to add value by providing a reference platform, which can be used to check performance against your own internal design.

Application engineers focused on debugging complex problems prior to their boards being available: The SBC7447_57 development board provides you with a live target that closely parallels the features of your own internal design, thus ensuring minimal optimization as you port your application to your own target.



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