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Wind River Legacy Products

As Wind River continues to innovate, bringing new technologies and solutions to market, we recognize the need to support our legacy solutions that have been integrated into customers' existing development environments. Whenever possible, we will continue to sell and support these products, enabling customers to transition to new Wind River solutions on a timetable that meets the needs of their project development cycles.

Wind River ICE
This advanced network-based emulator was designed for 32-bit and 64-bit single and multicore implementations. Simple enough to support the most basic debugging needs but robust enough to debug up to eight JTAG devices in a single scan chain, Wind River ICE excels in complex system debugging and multisite development.

Wind River Trace
Wind River Trace dramatically reduces debug time by providing information on the underlying cause of specified defects, even when the target is not operational. The trace solution supports internal and external buffered trace capabilities to identify key events that occur while code is running and also provides address and timestamp information. Using Wind River Trace in a centralized Workbench development environment supports advanced trace and run control debugging and symbol browsing.

visionCLICK is a debugger solution providing hardware run-control to optimize board bring-up and operating system bring-up, allowing developers to debug difficult problems that can result in catastrophic system failures. visionCLICK connects to a given target via Wind River ICE, Wind River Trace, or Wind River Probe hardware emulators, and it maintains a reliable direct connection to the target at all times.

Wind River continues to support visionCLICK as a bundled offering with Wind River ICE, Wind River Trace, and Wind River Probe. For more information, visit the visionCLICK product page.

Wind River Workbench, On-Chip Debugging Edition, now offers all the capabilities of visionCLICK in an Eclipse development environment, providing an open and extensible solution that supports hardware bring-up through complex software analysis, supporting development requirements across the entire project life cycle.

For more information, please visit the Wind River Workbench, On-Chip Debugging Edition, product page.