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visionCLICK is a debugger created specifically to use hardware run control to optimize board bring-up and operating system bring-up, and to debug difficult problems that result in catastrophic software failures. visionCLICK connects to a given target via Wind River ICE or Wind River Probe hardware emulators, and it maintains a reliable direct connection to the target at all times.

This type of connection and reliability is required for engineers who develop hardware, firmware, BSPs, and device drivers before an operating system runs on their target. In some cases, it can be beneficial to maintain an OCD connection to the target even after the OS has been ported. Software defects that cause the OS to crash will typically cause an agent-based debug environment to fail. However, the OCD connection, based on its direct connection to the target, can stay up and running at all times, constantly providing information.

As a system-level debug environment, visionCLICK provides users with various hardware and software debug views. Included with these views are a set of debug tools: hardware diagnostics, flash programming wizard, JTAG board file editor, and profiling tools.

visionCLICK's advanced built-in diagnostics are essential for rapid board bring-up, and its advanced breakpoint control – including on-chip hardware breakpoints – allows developers to debug their applications in non-volatile or volatile memory. visionCLICK also provides operating system specific support to bring another dimension of visibility to debug code errors in the execution context of the operating system. The operating system awareness capability within visionCLICK enables developers to view kernel resources and set task aware breakpoints. The intuitive flash programming memory window allows the simple erasure and programming of flash memory, either in its entirety or in the memory sector blocks supported by the devices.

Productivity features like "drag-and-drop" debugging support, coupled with a built-in I/O window, cache contents windows, and software execution trace windows, provide users with a complete set of features to tackle a broad range of software and hardware issues.

visionCLICK also provides Trace capability through Wind River ICE and Wind River Probe for processors that support an internal Trace buffer, like Freescale's MPC85xx and Intel's IXP family. In addition, through the addition of the visionTRACE and Wind River Trace solutions, visionCLICK can be upgraded to provide Trace support for processors that require an external Trace buffer, like AMCC's PPC40x/44x and Freescale's MCF5xxx and MPC5xx parts.

Technical Specifications

Supported Hosts:

  • Windows 98/NT/2000/XP

Supported Targets*

  • AMCC 40x/44x
  • IBM 6xx/7xx
  • Freescale MPC5xx/52xx/6xx/7xx/74xx/8xx/82xx/83xx/85xx
  • Freescale MCF5xxx
  • Freescale 68K
  • Xilinx Virtex-II Pro
  • MIPS32 and MIPS64 architecture families
  • Intel XScale

* For current target availability, please contact your Wind River sales representative.

Features and Benefits

  • Drag-and-drop capabilities
  • Hardware breakpoints and built-in diagnostics
  • "Drag-and-drop" debugging
  • Extensive flash programming support
  • VxWorks and ThreadX OS awareness
  • Linux OS support