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Wind River Trace
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Wind River Trace

Today's devices run millions of lines of code and require faster, more complex processors than they did just a few years ago. More peripherals are incorporated onto the system on chip (SoC), and SoCs now have their own internal system bus and cache resources, so there is a greater need for visibility into what happens inside the chip. Developers can no longer just connect a logic analyzer to their system and see what code was executed and when.

Wind River Trace allows developers better visibility into the hardware/software interaction within their device. It provides a GUI within the development environment to supply trace with configuration parameters and display trace data. Wind River Trace also offers a hardware adapter for Wind River ICE, enabling it to capture and buffer more than 900,000 lines of trace data from the target.

Trace Buffer

Wind River Trace provides the ability to capture up to 1 million lines of trace code for display within Wind River Workbench On-Chip Debugging for analysis. The buffer records program flow even when all cache buffers are enabled, and the processor core runs faster than the outside bus. The buffer is also nonintrusive and allows developers to capture trace data at clock speeds up to 200Mhz.


Wind River Trace is configurable via a GUI within Wind River Workbench, On-Chip Debugging Edition. The configuration parameters, such as trace on here, trace around here, report-only option, and triggering, enable users to define when and what to trace.

Target Versatility

Wind River Trace provides a versatile interface, with easy migration from one processor family to another via an interchangeable adapter at the end of the Wind River Trace pod.


  • Real-time target control
  • Real-time trace buffer
  • Filtered trace features
  • Modular hardware design
  • Graphical user interface
  • Target versatility
  • Ability to capture up to 640,000 lines of code, with timestamp
  • Ability to capture real-time trace at clock speeds up through 200Mhz

Technical Specifications

Supported Hosts

  • Linux
  • Solaris
  • Windows 2000/XP

Supported Targets*

  • ColdFire 52xx, 53xx, 54xx
  • PowerPC 40x/44x
  • Xilinx Virtex-II Pro, Virtex 4

* For current target availability, contact your Wind River sales representative.


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