Wind River Helix Drive

Wind River® Helix Drive provides the foundation for developing the next generation of driver assist systems and autonomous driving innovations.

Drive enables your software development team to more quickly build highly secure and reliable controls and systems for automotive safety-critical applications.

Speed Your Development Processes

  • Tailor-made to address the most critical needs of advanced driver assist systems (ADAS) and autonomous driving technologies

Create Rigorously Safe Software

  • Offers advanced safety partitioning for consolidating multiple applications onto a common hardware platform
  • ISO 26262–certifiable to various Automotive Safety Integrity Levels (up to ASIL D)

Consolidate Electronic Control Units (ECUs)

  • Lowers material costs
  • Streamlines software architectures
  • Reduces space, weight, and power consumption

Ensure Security

  • Protects vehicle systems from malicious attacks with layered security
  • Supports Intel® Trusted Platform Module and ARM® TrustZone®

Learn more about how Drive can help speed your development while ensuring highly secure and rigorously safe components and systems for the next generation of intelligent, connected vehicles.