Safe and Secure Partitioning

All the Benefits of Consolidation—None of the Costs of Re-Certification

With Wind River® Hypervisor, you get the separation necessary to consolidate safety-certified applications with standard applications onto the same single-core or multi-core platform—with no need for complete re-certification.

Isolation and Separation of Workloads

Increase the safety of embedded devices with isolation and separation of workloads.

Multiple Applications with Different Safety Integrity Levels

Run multiple workloads of different safety integrity levels (as defined by IEC 61508) on the same single-core or multi-core processor.

No Re-certification Necessary

Separate safety-certified applications and standard applications so standard applications can be modified without the need to re-certify safety-certified applications, providing a low-cost way to inject innovation into your products.

Decoupling the Life Cycles

Safe and secure applications and feature-rich applications have different development life cycles. Because of the high cost of certifying safe and secure applications, the aim is for as few changes as possible. Feature-rich applications, on the other hand, require frequent updates to keep up with market demand for new and updated functionality. Safe and secure partitioning facilitates a decoupling of these disparate development life cycles, which leads to lower risk and maintenance cost for consolidated systems.

Safety-Certified Expertise

Wind River has extensive experience working with TÜV and Verocel to provide reliable safety-certifiable products. VxWorks® 653 is the leading ARINC 653 environment and is used in many aircraft and vehicles currently operating, including the Boeing 787 Dreamliner.


Wind River Hypervisor
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