Wind River Linux

The Best of Both Worlds

Wind River® Linux combines the assurance and reliability that comes with our 30 years of embedded industry leadership with the flexibility and freedom of open source software.

We Handle the Details So You Can Focus on Building Great Software

Create groundbreaking products more quickly while lowering your operational overhead with our best-in-class support and open source code management.

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Reduce the Costs, Effort, and Risks of Supporting Your Linux Devices

With Wind River Linux and our industry-leading support and maintenance programs, your team can effectively address an array of challenges associated with open source software development.

  • Greatly reduce overhead from hidden or variable costs.
  • Better manage risks associated with software licenses and code updates.
  • Access quality tools to streamline design, testing, and production.

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Harness the Best in Open Source Innovation to Build Flexible, Scalable Software

With the Yocto Project open source development infrastructure at its core, Wind River ensures our customers work with the most recent standards and latest code from the open source community.

And we actively support many popular hardware architectures, including ARM®, Intel®, MIPS, and Power.

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Adding It Up

Calculate the Cost of Build vs. Buy

Our total cost of ownership (TCO) calculator helps software developers assess the direct and indirect expenses of "rolling your own" Linux software compared to going with the full portfolio of development and maintenance offered by Wind River.

The calculations are based on what our customers have reported. In many cases they have been able to reduce production and maintenance costs by as much as 57 percent and accelerate build cycles by more than 30 percent compared to in-house efforts.

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You don’t have to be a security expert to keep your Linux devices protected, but you do have to know one.

This basic question should be easy to answer: “Will our Linux be good enough to stay below the return targets for our devices?”
Don’t have a straight answer? Check our estimates and find out how to keep your Linux protected from security breaches even after deployment.

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Did You Know?

Wind River Linux commands more than 55% of the commercial embedded Linux market.*

*Source: VDC Research Group


Wind River Linux provides the exceptional security and flexibility necessary for meeting the dynamic performance, reliability, and scaling needs of the Internet of Things (IoT), helping safely and securely tap into new sources of data for operational improvements and business transformation.

Secure, Always-On Connectivity for Critical Infrastructure and Devices

With Wind River Linux you can rest assured your embedded devices, machines, systems, and networks are continually protected against security threats to the critical infrastructure of IoT.

Wind River maintains a dedicated team of veteran embedded software engineers who monitor for security issues 24 hours a day, seven days a week, 365 days a year. They stand ready to respond immediately to any issue with hot patches and guidance to ensure your products perform as they should, no matter what.

Flexibility and Scalability for Supporting the Diversity of IoT

Based on the Yocto Project, Wind River Linux is tailor-made for IoT to help drive efficiencies and simplify integration within the heterogeneous computing environments inherent to IoT.

With one common run-time system, additional virtualization capabilities, and an ecosystem of best-in-class partners, developers can efficiently leverage the same code base and technical infrastructure across the vast variety of IoT’s devices, networks, and deployment scenarios.

The Software Portfolio for the Internet of Things

Wind River Linux is part of Wind River Helix™, our portfolio of software, technologies, and services for addressing the system-level challenges and opportunities of IoT.

Learn how Wind River Helix, our foundation of virtualization technologies, and ecosystems of partners help open source software developers meet the challenges and opportunities of IoT.

"By using Wind River Linux, we are able to save 20 to 30 percent in development time. And along with our internal enhancements, our entire product management process has significantly improved."

Yossi Bar-Sheshet, Director of Software


Wind River offers a wide range of advice, guidance, and education, customized to help you address your most pressing strategic and technical embedded software development challenges.


Using Wind River Linux or your own Linux distribution, our staff of embedded Linux experts provides insights and assistance for almost any software challenge, including custom code development, managing Agile processes, and integrating critical reliability and security capabilities.

Our professional services are easily tailored to fit the unique needs of your team.

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Our education programs help your team meet the complexities and technical challenges of building Linux-based open source embedded software to keep your business at the forefront of industry innovation. We also offer courses and custom mentoring focused on professional roles, such as project manager or system architect, as well as by industry.

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Our broad ecosystem of partners provides our mutual customers a rich set of options for building their Linux-based open source devices.

  • HP Artesyn ARM Advantech
  • CUrtiss Wright Kontron Metaswitch Intel

Skip Development and Try Our Free Ready-to-Use Distribution

Wind River Pulsar Linux is a small, certified, and secure Linux operating system for embedded and IoT devices of any kind and size.

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