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Wind River Platform for Android
Product Overview

Wind River Platform for Android
Product Note

Commercial Android, Validated and Optimized for Device Application Development

The recent advances in the Android operating system are paving the way for devices of all kinds to leverage the many benefits of this open source platform. Device manufacturers in a variety of market segments—automotive, defense, consumer, medical, industrial, and beyond—are exploring design options that will utilize the Android operating system in next-generation products.

But as the smartphone market has proven, building a device based on Android brings new challenges. Android-based devices have an accelerated development life cycle, and quality assurance, performance optimizations, compliance, and adding unique market-specific functionality beyond the operating system must all be factored in. To address the needs of the emerging Android Everywhere market, Wind River® created a commercial Android platform to address real-world device delivery issues so device manufacturers and operators can focus on adding value beyond the operating system and meeting critical market windows.

Wind River Platform for Android is a roadmap-driven, validated, multi-BSP, tested, fully compliant, globally supported and maintained Wind River run-time platform for Android. The platform incorporates the latest Android open source project software, optimizes the operating system for performance enhancements, and packages it into a commercially supported solution. Device developers can immediately innovate on top of the platform to meet application and market-specific needs.

Reasons to Use a Commercial Android Platform

Wind River Platform for Android can be used as a way to jump-start a device development project. But there are many other reasons to use this commercial software solution.

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Key Benefits

Wind River Platform for Android can save significant development time, minimize costs associated with standard platform engineering efforts, and reduce overall project risk.

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Key Features

Open Handset Alliance Leadership

Wind River has been an active leader in Open Handset Alliance (OHA) activities since April 2007. Wind River was the first Linux Commercialization Partner in the OHA.

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