Wind River® does not just embrace open standards, we're taking the lead in establishing them. Driving the Device Software Development Platform project at the Eclipse Foundation; providing TIPC support for messaging on the backplane between different operating systems and leading the way on Carrier Grade Linux with OSDL; participating in AutoSAR—these are just a few examples of our commitment to evolving standards.

CE Linux Forum
Founded in July 2003, CE Linux Forum (CELF) focuses on the establishment and promotion of Linux-based digital consumer electronic (CE) products. CELF's main activities include defining requirements for a variety of extensions in Linux-based CE products, as well as collaborating and reaching consensus with open-source projects and the Linux community, thereby promoting the proliferation of Linux-based digital electronics.

Eclipse Foundation
Eclipse is an open platform for tool integration built by an open community of tool providers. Operating under an open source paradigm with a common public license that provides royalty-free source code and worldwide redistribution rights, the Eclipse platform enables tool developers to have ultimate flexibility and control over their software technology.

IPv6 Forum
The IPv6 Forum is a nonprofit worldwide consortium of Internet vendors, research networks, and education networks committed to increasing market and user awareness of IPv6. The organization works to promote new IPv6-based applications and interoperable implementations of IPv6 standards, as well as resolve issues that create barriers to IPv6 deployment.

Network Centric Operations Industry Consortium
The NCOIC is an international consortium whose mission is to help achieve increased levels of interoperability in a network-centric environment that includes all levels of the United States government and its allies involved in joint, interagency, and multinational operations.

Open Group
The Open Group is a vendor- and technology-neutral consortium that works to enable access to integrated information within and between enterprises, based on open standards and global interoperability.


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