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Wind River VxWorks 653 Platform Product Overview

Wind River VxWorks 653 Platform
Product Note

Wind River VxWorks Platforms
Product Overview


Wind River® VxWorks® 653 Platform delivers the stringent integrated modular avionics (IMA) foundation aerospace and defense companies need to address the safety and security requirements of mission critical applications, as well as the portability and reusability requirements of noncritical applications. The platform delivers complete ARINC 653 Part 1, Supplement 2 conformance and expands the ARINC 653 XML configuration capabilities to enable a true multi-vendor platform that supports fully independent RTCA DO-297/EUROCAE ED-124 IMA supplier sourcing.

VxWorks 653 Platform includes industry-leading commercial off-the-shelf (COTS) RTCA DO-178B and DO-178C and EUROCAE ED-12B/C Level A certification evidence containing more than 65,000 files, delivered in a fully hyperlinked DVD for ease of review.

Backed by 30 years of device software experience, a broad network of hardware and software partners, a world-class support organization, and a specialized professional services team, Wind River is ready to support your next IMA project.


Key features and functionality include the following:

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Customer Success

VxWorks 653 is used in more than 290 projects by over 163 customers on over 56 aircraft, as well as in industrial systems with dozens of safety critical approvals from the FAA, EASA, TÜV, and many other respected government and independent organizations. Our customers rely on VxWorks 653 to separate applications at different levels of safety.

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Wind River Professional Services

Aerospace & Defense Practice

Wind River VxWorks 653 Platform is complemented by Wind River Professional Services, which provides A&D device manufacturers with outsourced expert engineering services specifically designed to speed new products to market while minimizing development costs. Services include board support package (BSP) adaptation, software system and middleware integration, legacy application and infrastructure migration, platform extensions, and process compliance.

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Architecture and Host Support

COTS Boards


Wind River applauds the move toward open industry standards. Because we believe the world is changing too fast to lock our customers into proprietary technologies, we've built our solution on open standards, expertly integrated and intelligently applied. And Wind River doesn’t just embrace open standards; we're taking the lead in establishing them. We are affiliated with the following standards and organizations:

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