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Based on Trusted and Proven Virtualization Technology

Virtualization Profile for VxWorks® is based on Wind River® fielded and proven virtualization technology. It is part of our investment in multi-core technologies for safety and security across all verticals, from automation control to medical scanners to avionics control systems.

Built for Embedded Real-Time Applications

Virtualization Profile is high-performance and deterministic for the most demanding embedded real-time applications. The virtualization layer provides full control over how the hardware is configured, resulting in high-performance compute cycles and low overhead I/O access using the hardware virtualization accelerators available in today’s processors.

Optimized for Developer Productivity

Being fully integrated into VxWorks, the hypervisor utilizes standard VxWorks workflows to configure, build, develop, and debug. It uses the standard VxWorks board support package (BSP) and allows existing VxWorks users to rapidly evaluate new designs. Flexible configuration is conveniently available through an intuitive command line interface or through a powerful C-API.


Virtualization Profile extends the scalability capabilities of VxWorks by integrating a real-time embedded, Type 1 hypervisor into the core of VxWorks. Through embedded virtualization, the VxWorks hypervisor allows customers to combine multiple workloads on a single multi-core processor. It enables a future-proof architecture that can adapt and evolve to meet changing market requirements, customer needs, and technology advancements, allowing customers to meet the challenges of the Internet of Things (IoT) era, where connectivity, scalability, and security are required.

Virtualization Profile supports an open, standards-based device virtualization framework. This framework allows standards-based virtualization of common devices such as serial, networking, or storage. The usage of open standards enables third-party operating systems to benefit from the device virtualization framework in an efficient manner, without the overhead of emulation.

In addition, the VxWorks hypervisor is OS-agnostic, which means it provides the capability to run any operating system inside a virtual machine without further modification.

Virtualization Profile includes the following:

Real-Time, Embedded, Type 1 Hypervisor
  • 64-bit hypervisor with support for 32- and 64-bit virtual machines
  • Command-line and API-based configuration
  • Connectivity through serial, USB, Ethernet, or other means
  • Support for single or multi-core virtual machines

Device Virtualization Framework Through VirtIO
  • Serial virtualization available
  • Other devices on demand

Inter–Virtual Machine Communication
  • High speed virtual TCP/IP network
Operating System Support
  • VxWorks 7 as well as earlier releases
  • All VxWorks 7 profiles
  • Wind River Linux
  • Microsoft Windows
  • Other operating systems can be validated on request

Architecture Support
  • Support for Intel® architecture with support for VT-x


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