Wind River Mobility

An increasing number of consumers are taking advantage of wireless technology when accessing the Internet. Wireless access offers significant benefits, but also means that the connection is lost whenever a user moves to a new network. Wind River® Mobile IP provides an efficient, scalable mechanism that allows users to roam seamlessly among wireless networks. Using Wind River Mobile IP, applications such as Internet telephony, media streaming, and virtual private networking can be supported without service interruption when users move across network boundaries. Wind River Mobile IP support requires a mobile node in each mobile device.

Wind River Mobile IP products are compliant with WiMAX Forum standards for mobility in WiMAX networks, and the 3GPP2/3GPP standards for 3G cellular networks. In addition, the products implement Fast Handover ("make-before-break") for the support of Voice over IP (VoIP) and other real-time applications.

Wind River Network Stack includes support for:

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