Wind River Advanced Networking Technologiess

Wind River® Advanced Networking Technologies provides advanced networking and network management capabilities that span from core networking to security, wireless, and mobility for a variety of devices such as wireless infrastructure, network infrastructure, consumer devices, and industrial automation and control.

This advanced networking stack is specifically designed and implemented for use in embedded real-time systems and can be configured for a minimum memory footprint.

Advanced Networking Technologies is available for both Wind River VxWorks® and Wind River Linux platforms, providing developers with the flexibility to build application software that can move easily from project to project, regardless of the underlying operating systems. This flexibility maximizes developer efficiency, saves time, and reduces cost by enabling the reuse of intellectual property.

Wind River Network Management SDK

Wind River Network Management SDK provides a scalable, unified, and small-footprint management framework that enables creation of Web-based, CLI-based, or custom management interfaces to manage networked elements. This scalable framework consists of a management backplane, which acts as a conduit for data handling between management interfaces (any type of consumer) and manageable elements (any type of producer).

Wind River Management Backplane interfaces with a CLI agent, Wind River CLI; an embedded Web server, Wind River Web Server; and an SNMP implementation, Wind River SNMP. In addition, the framework comes with a full-featured, Windows-based graphical user interface (GUI), Wind River Management Integration Tool. This tool eases the development of management interfaces by bringing all the framework components together.

Wind River SNMP

The Simple Network Management Protocol (SNMP) is designed to facilitate management and configuration of networked devices. Wind River SNMP is a highly portable, memory-efficient, standards-compliant implementation of this protocol, specifically designed for original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) and system integrators that require full compliance with SNMP standards in a fast, small SNMP agent. The Wind River integrated SNMP design and implementation includes a full MIB development platform and is composed of SNMP v1/v2c/v3 and AgentX.

Wind River Web Server

Wind River Web Server is a scalable, secure, and small-footprint commercial embedded Web server. In addition to the functionality of a standard Web server, it provides all the functionality needed to quickly create a browser-based management interface. Specifically designed for embedded systems, Wind River Web Server is HTTP 1.0- and 1.1-compliant and includes SSL hooks to provide a secure transaction mechanism. Wind River Management Integration Tool accelerates the process of creating and configuring a custom Web-based management interface or a stand-alone Web server by generating more than 70% of the required embedded code for such an application. The Web-based management interfaces with a scalable backplane that interacts with SNMP through Wind River MIBway, or with any custom manageable data.

Wind River CLI

Wind River CLI (Command Line Interface) includes a full-featured command shell and development tools that enable building either the standard "Craft" style interface or a custom interface to manage a networked device. CLI commands can be executed on a device through an RS-232 or a Telnet connection. Wind River Management Integration Tool is a GUI tool that greatly accelerates development by generating approximately 70% of the final embedded CLI code needed for an application. CLI interfaces with a scalable backplane, which interacts with SNMP through MIBway or directly with any custom manageable data.

Wind River MIBway

Wind River MIBway enables developers to leverage all SNMP objects for reuse automatically in command-line and Web-based management interfaces, with no additional engineering effort required. Wind River MIBway provides an SNMP inheritance library to access data objects already instrumented for the Wind River SNMP agent. This makes it possible to leverage the thousands of developer hours of work already invested in writing MIB variables and code in a schema that is both flexible and scalable for future device management requirements.

Wind River Management Integration Tool

Wind River Management Integration Tool is a Windows-based GUI that enables the building of Web-based or CLI-based management applications. The tool incorporates features to set project options, configuration options, build options, and resource constraint settings, as well as to automate code generation. It provides an MIB compiler to facilitate Wind River SNMP users, as well as a simple HTML editor as a miscellaneous tool.

Management Configuration Editor

Management Configuration Editor is an Eclipse plug-in integrated with Wind River Workbench to help develop management interfaces. This tool is provided in addition to Wind River Management Integration Tool, so developers can use this tool on any host that supports Wind River Workbench (whereas Wind River Management Integration Tool is supported only on Windows). Current Management Configuration Editor functionality is limited when compared to Wind River Management Integration Tool. Future releases of Wind River Network Management SDK will include both Wind River Management Integration Tool and Management Configuration Editor until all the necessary functionality is available in Management Configuration Editor, and all customers have migrated to Management Configuration Editor.

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