Progressive System Integration

Start Early

With Wind River® Simics there's no need to wait. Begin application development on early operating system iterations integrated with legacy code and third party binaries. Start system testing when the first components are brought together and get valuable feedback on hardware design before it's too late to make changes. You'll start integration early and do more in parallel across the project team.

Progress Incrementally

Embedded system integration doesn't need to be a one-time, high-risk activity that happens late in the development life cycle. Instead, progress system integration in parallel with both software and hardware development. Simics frees you to begin system integration first on virtual platforms, then expand to a combination of virtual systems and physical hardware, and finally progress to the full physical system. By integrating continuously, you'll front-load the heavy lifting and mitigate the risk of significant integration-related defects appearing late in the project.


With Simics scripting capability, you'll automate all commands and operations. Imagine—a full regression test suite running nightly, and delivering a full report every morning. Not only do these automations save significant time, but when combined with continuous integration, can dramatically reduce project risk.

Test Continually

When you integrate early you can test the system continuously, and dramatically reduce the likelihood of serious defects appearing late in the development life cycle and jeopardizing your project timelines.


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