Comprehensive Analysis Tools

System Viewer

Learn where your software is in a state of waiting. Capture complex interactions between the operating system, applications, and hardware to improve system performance and distill run-time problems, including task/process/thread scheduling, performance, and timing.

Performance Profiler

Learn where your software is spending its time. Function-by-function analysis pinpoints bottleneck routines within your code to speed code optimization.

Memory Analyzer

Pinpoint how your software is using memory. Monitor available memory and detect memory leaks as they happen—without the need for special compilation or instrumentation.

Data Monitor

View live analysis of variables, data structures, and memory structures without stopping or slowing your code.

Code Coverage Analyzer

Assess which code segments run on target during unit and integration testing, including individual statements, decisions, and conditions, to create more thorough unit test scenarios and increase software quality.


Wind River Workbench
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Wind River Workbench
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