Debug the Entire System

Debug Multiple Contexts

Simultaneously control multiple cores and multiple threads, processors, boards, and operating systems to track down and fix even the toughest bugs.

Debug Across the Project Life Cycle

Wind River® Workbench delivers tools for your whole project life cycle, with complete platform integration and capabilities for embedded debug, code analysis, advanced visualization, root-cause analysis, and test. Workbench supports multiple operating systems, architectures, and programming languages, so you can standardize on it across your organization. Extended Workbench technology from our partners boosts unit testing, code integration testing, and test coverage analysis.

Debug with VxWorks and Linux Agents

With thoughtfully designed agents for VxWorks® and Linux, navigate the nuances of each operating system and increase the precision of your embedded debug efforts.

Extend with On-Chip Debugging

Extend your Workbench environment with Wind River Workbench On-Chip Debugging to gain complete system-level control of your environment for hardware bring-up to kernel, BSP and device driver stabilization, and system integration. Get access to core and peripheral registers, on-chip switch fabrics, and memory controllers, as well as external buses and many devices attached directly to the bus.

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White Paper: Seven Lifesaving Tips for Multi-core Debugging

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