Industrial Transportation and Energy Practice

As industrial automation, process control, railway, and nuclear system designers try to reduce cost and improve performance with new mutli-core and virtualized architectures, preserving system-level function and integrity can present a challenge. At the same time, industry compliance to safety standards such as IEC 61508 SIL3 and SIL4 is becoming more important as system designers strive to increase the amount of automation and control given to connected and machine-to-machine (M2M) systems.

Achieving a system capable of SIL3 or SIL4 certification requires a holistic safety development approach. Wind River® VxWorks® Cert Platform is an IEC 61508–compliant run-time for use in safety-certified designs that includes the TÜV certificate and VxWorks Cert Platform Safety Manual. And Wind River has deep expertise and long-standing experience with implementation of systems requiring compliance to safety standards, making the Wind River Professional Services Industrial Transportation and Energy Practice an ideal partner to help you plan, develop, and manage safe, secure, reliable, and compliant mission-critical platforms.

Safety Consulting and Planning Services

We provide device and system-level safety consulting across the entire safety development life cycle, and can help your team with the following:


Development, Integration, Test, and Certification Services

Customers rely on us to design, build, integrate, and test kernel, middleware, and application-level software to assist in achieving safety certifications.


Long-Term Safety Platform Management Services

We work with your team and the certifying authority to establish a regular audit process, ensuring that procedures for configuration management are established and followed and keeping the deployed systems in compliance and relevant for efficient re-use in the future.

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