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A number of emerging challenges face medical system designers as they move to multi-core and virtualized architectures. At the same time, as medical devices become more connected into machine-to-machine (M2M), Internet of Things (IoT), or traditional IT infrastructure, achieving cybersecurity as part of the system’s functional safety requirements becomes increasingly important.

Designers must ensure compliance to standards such as FDA and IEC 62304, and such regulatory bodies today are considering more often the impact of security risks on safety compliance, factoring security threat vector probabilities into failure mode considerations. Complications such as those presented by reusing pre-existing non-qualified software or software of unknown pedigree (SOUP) provide additional challenges to medical design teams.

Wind River® medical system platforms and profiles enable our customers to develop compliant, safe, and secure connected devices and systems. The Wind River Professional Services Medical Practice provides services to help medical device and system designers plan, develop, and manage safe, secure, reliable, and compliant platforms and solutions, focusing on the following segments:


Solution Assessment Services

We provide system-level analysis to ensure that end-to-end system-level requirements for compliance, connectivity, manageability, and security are planned for. Architecture assessment and design services include the following:


Development and Integration Services

Customers rely on us to design, build, integrate, and test kernel, middleware, and application-level software to assist in achieving their most critical medical safety standards.


Long-Term Platform Management Services

We work with your team and the certifying authority to establish a regular audit process, ensuring that procedures for configuration management are established and followed, and keeping the deployed systems in compliance and relevant for efficient re-use in the future.


M-health Cybersecurity

Cybersecurity threats are numerous today: virus backdoors, external exploitations, insider manipulations, unauthorized access, penetration, routing and IP spoofing, communications disruption, hardware damage or theft. Wind River offers many methods to prevent the risk and lessen the impact if the threat vector is realized. For example, Secure Remote Management enables the following features:

Medical Solutions

Wind River Professional Services Medical Solutions

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