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To achieve the highest level of efficiency, you need to maximize technology capabilities in the smallest possible footprint. This drive to reduce size, weight, and power (SWaP) leads to the migration of legacy applications and new capabilities onto smaller, more powerful embedded devices. Various standards like ARINC 653 and MILS have emerged to facilitate software isolation and thus better support safety and security controls on consolidated platforms. The recent availability of high-performance multi-core processor solutions has opened the door for additional software consolidation opportunities, but has also introduced new complexities for testing and certifying safe and secure systems. Wind River® delivers a variety of robust and flexible platform consolidation solutions with our native operating environments' expansive multi-core platform support as well as our certified high performance industry solution implementations for ARINC 653 integrated modular avionics (IMA) and Multiple Independent Sevels of Security (MILS) platforms.

Use Cases


Some consolidation initiatives have been successfully demonstrated in commercial aviation through the development and deployment of aircraft using the ARINC 653 standard which forms the basis of IMA today. ARINC 653 allows each software building block of the overall IMA system to be tested, validated, and qualified independently (up to a certain measure) by its supplier. This standard was also designed to allow applications at different safety levels to share system resources without compromising safety.

Industry-leading VxWorks® 653 from Wind River has been deployed in more than 290 avionics projects, by over 163 customers, in over 56 aircraft.


Companies responsible for mission critical systems are demanding ever-increasing functionality in addition to secure and safe operation with very high assurance of protection from intentional or inadvertent threats or errors. At the same time, these systems must often operate with requirements for reduced SWaP. To meet these competing demands, a new system architecture has emerged called MILS.

An MILS operating system "partitions" a single processor among multiple software components, with resource allocation (space and time), information flow, and fault isolation strictly enforced to conform to rules defined by developers and system integrators. Wind River has leveraged its experience with certified partitioned environments to create VxWorks MILS as the basis of high assurance, security-certified partitioned systems.


Traditionally conservative industries such as avionics and defense have a strong interest in consolidation with the use of multiple processor cores in a single multi-core system-on-chip (SoC). But the mission critical nature of these industries’ platforms is forcing system designers to examine issues of safety and security and devise strategies to meet their requirements in multi-core architectures.

Wind River offers advanced multi-core capabilities within our product portfolio, including unique high-performance configuration options in our market-leading RTOS, VxWorks, as well as certified embedded virtualization solutions such as Wind River Hypervisor.

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