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Future Airborne Capability Environment (FACE)

AvionicsThe advancement of military avionics requires the rapid and reliable integration of applications from a wide ecosystem of commercial and military suppliers. Over 30 global suppliers have addressed this demand by creating an industry standard that enables the insertion of technologies into common compute platforms by defining an open common operating environment.

These platforms are now governed by the Future Airborne Capabilities Environment (FACE) standard that defines both the engineering and business models for next generation avionic systems.

What's Our Solution?

Wind River FACE solutions build upon Wind River's long history of supporting open standards like ARINC 653, POSIX PSE52, POSIX PSE54, and Eclipse. Our FACE solutions expand upon the tenets of open architecture (OA), integrated modular avionics (IMA), and modular open systems architecture (MOSA) to accelerate the reuse, delivery, and integration of advanced military systems.

A principal member of the Consortium, Wind River currently delivers the following safe and secure platforms that will support the FACE Technical Standard, titled, "FACE Reference Architecture's General Purpose, Safety and Security operating system profiles."

  • General Purpose: With full compliance to POSIX PSE54, Wind River Linux will fully comply with the FACE General Purpose Profile that enables support for a wide range of applications on a standard-based foundation.
  • Safety: For applications with strict safety and/or ARINC 653 time and space partitioning requirements, VxWorks 653 will be the platform of choice to meet the FACE Safety Profile. With over 140 customers using VxWorks 653 on over 230 programs on over 50 aircraft, VxWorks 653 is the market leading ARINC 653 platform solution, and will enable a wide range of commercial and military applications to be deployed on FACE platforms.
  • Security: For systems with multi-level secure (MLS) requirements and/or Common Criteria EAL6+ security requirements, VxWorks MILS will satisfy the upcoming FACE Security Profile that is under development by The Open Group Minimal Run-Time working group for creating an open, multiple independent levels of security (MILS) API standard.

Ease of Configuration and Consolidation
Wind River solutions accelerate the consolidation of advanced military avionics. VxWorks 653 supports the FACE operating segment requirements by providing designers with ARINC time and space partitioning, and, most importantly, an XML-based schema for platform configuration. Wind River's unique tools for system configuration help designers minimize the cost-of-change to avionics platforms and enable FACE-compliant systems to meet the ultimate goal of application reusability. Moreover, VxWorks 653 supports both ARINC and POSIX APIs thereby maximizing consolidation of FACE-compliant applications. VxWorks 653 supports the input-output requirements for FACE with both ARINC 653 ports and POSIX device drivers and includes support for a FACE-compliant file system.

Customization Services
Wind River has deep expertise and proven best practices for integrating diverse critical avionics programs. As part of our comprehensive avionics solution, structured engineering services are specifically designed to help avionics customers meet strict program schedules and certification requirements. Services include safety certification, device design, board support package (BSP) and driver optimization, software system and middleware integration, and legacy application and infrastructure migration.

Comprehensive Simulation, Debug, and Test Tools
Wind River Simics virtual platform allows you to simulate the entire target, even if it contains multiple boards with multiple hardware architectures running multiple real-time operating systems (RTOS). Simics virtual platforms are simulations of the entire target system and not just an individual processor, system-on-chip (SoC), or board. This gives all developers, testers, and integrators access to the entire target system so they can debug or test it as a whole instead of individual pieces of the system. Wind River Test Management is a test execution optimization system for embedded devices. It enables unprecedented run-time visibility into devices while under test. The system provides the operational feedback that test teams and their management need to achieve the highest possible quality in the least amount of time.

Global Support
Wind River global support delivers products and services that can help overcome technical obstacles and accelerate the deployment of your next-generation avionics system. Wind River Online Support provides easy 24/7 access to product manuals, downloadable software, and other resources. Wind River support has achieved Service Capability and Performance (SCP) certification, recognized as the gold standard for delivering world-class customer support.

Superior Partner Ecosystem
Wind River has joined forces with leading avionics hardware and software providers for complementary technologies such as commercial off-the-shelf (COTS) processor and I/O boards, graphics subsystems, Ada support, Java virtual machines, communications protocols, system modeling tools, control design tools, test tools, certification services, and platform simulation applications.

Why We Uniquely Qualify to Be Your Supplier

Wind River leads the industry in creating powerful solutions for the global avionics industry: Wind River VxWorks, VxWorks DO-178 Platform, VxWorks 653 Platform, VxWorks MILS Platform, and Wind River Hypervisor. We back up these solutions with comprehensive commercial off-the-shelf (COTS) DO-178B, DO-178C, and ED-12B certification evidence that removes risk from complex avionics programs while speeding time to certification and deployment.