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Mission Critical

As a global leader of embedded software solutions for the aerospace and defense industry, Wind River® continues to provide mission-proven trusted platforms for the most demanding systems requiring high levels of safety, security, reliability, and performance. We leverage our extensive experience with safety critical systems and incorporate our diverse security portfolio to deliver optimized safe and secure technologies for mission critical space and defense platforms. Industry leaders rely on Wind River COTS technology as a proven foundation for them to design, build, and deploy advanced trusted systems on time and within budget, based on the latest technology innovations.

Use Cases


Space is one of the harshest and certainly most remote areas of operation for autonomous devices. Not only must devices be built to withstand the severe environment, they cannot be pulled in for maintenance and overhaul since they are often on missions millions of miles from Earth. And many millions of dollars are spent constructing space-based missions, so failure is not an option.

Wind River VxWorks® runs on radiation hardened devices such as ERC32, LEON, Maestro, RAD6K, RAD750, and TILE64 processors, providing real-time determinism and rich services for space-based applications. VxWorks has been the choice of NASA JPL for multiple Mars expeditions including the latest Mars Rover, Curiosity. Wind River Simics is also used by NASA to develop virtual simulations of their complex space platforms to accelerate design, development, and maintenance across various systems.

Wind River VxWorks and Linux platforms are standards-based to maximize your agility, integrated for high performance, scalable to small footprint requirements, and interoperable with multiple IPv6 protocols.

Learn more about our long history in successful space programs.

Electronic Warfare

Advanced weapons systems require fast, adaptable software frameworks based on industry standards. Electronic warfare systems must consistently deliver unerring high performance based on secure and reliable platforms. In the rapidly evolving world of national defense, the latest technology must be deployed in order to remain vigilant in defending against a growing array of enemy weapon systems.

The Wind River VxWorks real-time operating system solves the complex issues confronting weapons control and electronic warfare with its high-performance scalability and reliability. For the human-machine interface (HMI) and connectivity to the system-of-systems architectures, Wind River Linux and Android capability deliver complete, integrated solutions based on global standards, including Carrier Grade Linux 4.0, POSIX, IPv6, Common Criteria, SCA, LSB, DISR, Eclipse, and FIPS.

Our industry-leading products tame the complexities of developing next-generation weapons control and electronic warfare platforms, and control costs by bringing it all together in an integrated commercial off-the-shelf (COTS) solution.


As you build the next generation of C4ISR systems, there's no question that your customers' demands for performance, reliability, availability, and security will continue to increase. The challenge is how to keep your C4ISR platform up to date with fast-changing global systems and competitive threats.

Wind River delivers complete, integrated solutions based on global standards, including Carrier Grade Linux 4.0, POSIX, IPv6, Common Criteria, SCA, LSB, DISR, Eclipse, and FIPS. Wind River leads the industry in creating powerful solutions for C4ISR programs. Our VxWorks and Wind River Linux platforms and deep partner ecosystem provide high-performance, robust frameworks for integrating complex solution stacks for next-generation C4ISR systems.

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