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ECU Handling

Electronic control units (ECUs) are multiplying throughout modern automobiles. There are almost as many ECUs on board a Mercedes S-Class as on an Airbus A380 jumbo jet, excluding the in-flight entertainment system. They control your engine, vehicle stability, air bags, breaks, air conditioning, and more—your car cannot function without these embedded devices. Ensuring that all these ECUs work in harmony is an increasingly complex challenge.

As the number of ECUs in vehicles grows, the associated lines of code grow even more. Vehicles now commonly have 80–100 ECUs and millions of lines of code. But software issues related to these complex systems have also increased dramatically. And with even more complex systems coming in the future, solving this problem is urgent in order to consolidate systems, reduce cost, and shorten time-to-market while maintaining reliability. If not treated seriously, software issues could easily hurt customer satisfaction. That's why finding a trusted partner with extensive automotive experience is critical to success. Wind River® has the experience and expertise you can depend on.

Business Issues

Driver Safety
All automotive system design must make driver safety its first priority. Device manufacturers need to find a delicate balance between fulfilling customer desires and creating driver distraction.
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Space, Weight, and Power
Consolidating multiple automotive systems into one optimized system can help device manufacturers reduce bill of materials (BOM) costs and meet stringent power consumption and weight requirements in the automotive world—especially when system complexity grows exponentially.
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Software Integration and Reliability
As vehicle software becomes more complex (modern autombiles require over 10 million lines of code), integrating different systems and ensuring they provide reliable performance becomes more and more challenging. Companies must rely on proven integration and quality release processes to manage these demands.
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ECU Consolidation
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