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Medical Solutions

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Imaging Systems

Embedded software plays a role in a broad swath of devices, including imaging systems such as CT scanners. Imaging devices, along with diagnostics and therapy devices, are connected to the hospital information system (HIS); vulnerability in any one device puts the entire system at higher risk. And the rapid growth in the number of medical devices as well as in the intelligence and volume of data they generate has created an upward spiral in security threats.

Embedded software is the critical element that is controlling an increasing amount of these devices' functions and overall operation, including security. With 30 years of leadership in the embedded software industry, Wind River® has the solutions to help.

Business Issues

Hospital IT organizations are challenged with managing and securing diverse hardware and software systems. Further complicating matters, some equipment manufacturers devise unique security solutions, often the result of designing purpose-built solutions based on non-standard or proprietary components. Consequently, determining whether equipment complies with the security policies of the purchasing hospital can be difficult.
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The emphasis on safety is the only constant in medical device development. Design requirements, hardware architectures, development processes, and safety regulations all remain in a state of flux. To stay competitive, manufacturers must deliver safe devices on time and on budget, using a mix of legacy and next-generation tools and processes.
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As the complexity of securing medical devices increases, so does the risk of vulnerabilities slipping past equipment manufacturers and hospital IT organizations.
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