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Wind River Solutions for Multi-core
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Wind River Solutions for Multi-core

There's no question that multi-core brings higher performance and lower power consumption to a broad range of systems and devices. But how do you best take advantage of multi-core—without risking a missed market window as your teams come up to speed, without disrupting current processes and practices, and without increasing total development costs?

Wind River is the one vendor that brings a comprehensive approach to multi-core enablement. We combine the right tools, technologies, training, and support; and we provide all of the key building blocks organizations will need today, tomorrow, and into the future. So with Wind River you can get beyond the "potential" of multi-core and start taking full advantage, right now.

What's Our Solution?

Only Wind River solutions combine the following:

  • Multi-core-optimized software platform: The foundation of any software platform is the operating system and middleware. The operating system must be designed for multi-core—it must be able to run in both symmetric multiprocessing (SMP) and asymmetric multiprocessing (AMP) modes. Both modes are important to satisfy the range of requirements for today's systems. Middleware, the software that provides the connectivity and interfaces, must be multi-core-compatible and be able to leverage acceleration possible with SMP and AMP architectures. Wind River provides both VxWorks and Wind River Linux as multi-core-optimized operating systems. A vendor that can provide the right foundation while offering architecture choices reduces your risk of being locked in to one approach. Choose confidently now and be ready for future changes in hardware capability and business needs.
  • Virtualization technology: As the number of cores per processor continues to increase, virtualization will become increasingly important to multi-core developers. By providing a layer of abstraction to "carve up" your hardware into manageable partitions, each of which can contain an operating system, virtualization makes systems easier to configure, more robust, easier to debug, and more adaptable to emerging technologies. You can also use virtualization to migrate an existing single-core design to multi-core while adding more capabilities to the device. In short, virtualization is the key to building more functionality into smaller form factors, building more scalable and reliable systems, and consolidating with confidence.
  • Hardware optimization: Software capabilities should be optimized for the hardware platform they're running on. And operating systems for multi-core should be specifically optimized for unique processor and coprocessor capabilities. Wind River's multi-core solutions are designed from the start to take advantage of unique components built into multi-core chips—so your end customers get the most out of the innovations you bring to market, and you get ready-to-use solutions that save you time and money.
  • Multi-core-ready tools: Tools for multi-core development must simplify porting and optimization while also providing the level of visibility and assurance you're accustomed to. Wind River tools such as Wind River Workbench, Wind River Workbench On-Chip Debugging, Wind River ICE 2, and System Viewer are multi-core-optimized and deliver new capabilities beyond the traditional edit/compile/debug cycle. They enable developers to tackle issues with parallelism, performance, and cache coherency; and they help address new challenges around configuration, prototyping, simulation, and more. With multi-core-optimized tools you can maximize the benefits of your multi-core adoption and optimization process.
  • Multi-core services and support: Probably the most crucial element of reducing your risk with multi-core adoption is the experience and skill that Wind River brings to the table to support you during your transition. Wind River has worked with many leading companies to improve performance and reduce costs by leveraging our operating systems, hypervisor technology, and tools as well as experts who have helped others in your industry achieve success.