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Improve Performance with Embedded Virtualization

There are many opportunities for increasing performance in your design when adopting multi-core CPUs. There are also many challenges facing developers engaged in porting applications to multi-core CPUs. The high-core-count multi-core processors that silicon vendors are providing require optimized approaches to deliver the best performance. Multi-core CPUs offer increased computational performance per watt vs. single-core processors. Many offer integrated hardware acceleration and networking devices.

Your challenge is to leverage and embrace multi-core CPUs with minimal risk and effort, in the shortest and simplest way. Embedded virtualization can help you realize the performance benefits of multi-core CPUs by simplifying the migration process.

What's Our Embedded Virtualization Solution?

Embedded virtualization and multi-core CPUs allow device manufacturers to migrate legacy single-core applications to multi-core CPUs without needing to perform extensive application tuning or validation.

Embedded virtualization for performance improvements

Use embedded virtualization to achieve scalable performance growth to meet scaling performance demands

With Wind River® embedded virtualization, you'll host your application within a virtual board, or guest operating system, with a complete operating system, or run your application directly on the hardware without the overhead of an operating system.

The following are examples of how embedded virtualization can boost performance:

When evaluating and selecting an embedded virtualization solution it is important to use a vendor that provides a complete product portfolio of real-time operating systems tightly integrated with a real-time hypervisor and complete development toolchain on a multitude of hardware architectures. Be sure to explore Wind River Embedded Development Kits to evaluate our complete suite of real-time and embedded products preinstalled on dedicated hardware. Reduce the ramp-up time from weeks to minutes. "Skip step one" and start realizing the performance potential of multi-core CPUs for your application right away.

Why We Uniquely Qualify to Be Your Embedded Virtualization Supplier

Wind River offers the industry's most comprehensive embedded virtualization development portfolio. Our solutions support multiple architectures, including Intel®, Power, ARM, and MIPS, and are backed by outstanding professional services and customer support, hardware integration expertise, and a thriving partner ecosystem.

We're uniquely qualified to help you master the challenges of building smart, connected devices with embedded virtualization.

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