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We protect the "software" intellectual property with the most efficient "code obfuscation" solutions to date. We offer code virtualization (change of syntax to put the reverser (attacker) out of his zone of comfort and secondly partial remote execution for total security. Through a French Mindef program, we had been working on a solution specifically designed for the defense market (real time, demarcation, confidentiality, safety) and this was done on PowerPC running over VxWorks.

TAGES SOLIDSHIELD delivers the most powerful and performance-oriented code obfuscation and anti-tampering solution for VxWorks binaries

Wind River users can now get their application protected with the highest level of security against reverse engineering and against code tampering, with integrated products developed for the defense sector. The TAGES SOLIDSHIELD solution combines power, control, and easy workflow, using a code virtualization technique that is known as the most efficient code obfuscation technique. The solution delivers full control to check and adjust protection in a semi-guided workflow.

  • Highest level of code security
  • No source changes required
  • Performance degradation under control

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11 Avenue Commandant Bret, Cannes, France, 06400
(066) 357-9190

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Aerospace & Defense

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